The best technology for crafted wood fired ovens.

We are a 100% mexican company, with great popularity both in the national and international markets. We build the best ovens, being the more precise thanks to our design made by Computer Numerical Control (CNC) that brings unrivalled accuracy to each and every parts of our ovens. Our design is unique in the market as we build perfect and precise parts to compose the structure of the oven.

We are committed to the quality and excellency of our products, as well as to the customer service that we bring.

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WHY CHOOSE PIZZA PAN®®wood fired oven?

  • wood fired oven, Gas oven or hybrid.
  • Refractary capacity : 1600°C (2912°F). We are the only ones who can provide that much !
  • Continuous operation capabilities. Comercial use.
  • Great temperature retention for up to 48 hours.
  • Perfect assembling system.
  • Food-Grade cooking surface.
  • Neoprene wheels to move the oven easily.
  • We are the only ones that gives you the complete package for one flat price (oven, basis, burner, door, thermometer).
  • Quick heating.
  • Great energy consumption savings.
  • Modern and customizable design.
  • Mobility, you are moving ? Take it with you !

OUR PIZZA PAN®wood fired ovenS


Profesional oven made for small businesses and personal use. Has all the qualities of our HP-100 model but smaller and lighter.


Profesional wood fired oven ideal for restaurants and hotels with high-level production.

Over the years, Pizza Pan has established itself as the best wood fired oven provider for various hotel chains, restaurants, small businesses and personal use ovens, a great customer service and highly competitive prices.

Most of our customers acknowledge us as clear leader in the market. We earn this by the quality of our wood.

We can rely on a very effective research team who is always at the forefront of new technologies applied to our ovens.